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Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Is there a co-pay or charge for your services?

A) No. Home Health is paid 100% by medicare to qualifying clients.

Q) How do I qualify?

A) Medicare patients must meet three criteria to qualify for home health benefit.

1.) The patient must be under the care of a physician.
2.) The patient must have a medical skilled need (i.e.require a licensed clinician). Personal care needs (e.g. bathing) alone do not qualify a patient to the home health benefit under Medicare guidelines. Wound care, the need for physical therapy, are examples of skilled needs.
3.) The patient must be homebound. This is defined by Medicare as “ Considerable and taxing effort to leave the home, infrequently, and for short durations of time.”

Q) What can I do to help ensure that the home health organization I choose is committed to providing quality care?

A) Choose an agency that is accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organization (TJC). Seeking a TJC accreditation is voluntary, and TJC is widely recognized as the “gold seal of approval” in the healthcare marketplace.

Q) How will a TJC accredited Home Healthcare Agency benefit you as a patient?

A) TJC evaluates a Home Healthcare Agency’s performance of functions and processes aimed at continously improving patient outcomes. TJC accredited Home Healthcare organization must comply with rigorous national standards that promote quality healthcare. TJC accreditation demonstrates a Home Healthcare Agency’s commitment to making the quality of care you receive the top priority. Less than 5% of Home Healthcare Agency is accredited by TJC in the state of Texas.

Q) How do I get Home Healthcare?

A) You must contact your physician who will arrange for home health evaluation to see if you qualify for in-home care. There is no charge to either you or Medicare for an evaluation if you do not qualify.

Toll-free at 1 (888) 572-9783 or

us at for more information.


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